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Wear Black Tomorrow

As many of you know (I hope all of you do), tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of Layne's unfortunate and all-too-soon passing. Myself and a few friends of mine have decided to deck ourselves entirely in black tomorrow, in order to show our remembrance, respect, and love for Layne and his music.

I think it would be really cool if we could all, as a community, share this experience. Please wear black and play your AIC CDs as loud as you can on the way to work. :)

Also - a link to an EXCELLENT tribute movie to Layne: http://layne.meyer-3d.com/tribute.html 

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I remember that movie... thank you for posting the link for it again.

I can't believe he's been gone four years... seems like it was only a year or 2 ago.. I will wear my Layne Staley shirt tomorrow... it just happens to be black as well.

i loved everything about Layne Staley. I will certainly make sure to be wearing black all day and blasting everything Layne that i have.

i love your icon...btw
I love YOUR icon! All credit for mine goes to LJ user tripletremelo.

thanks for wearing black :)
i love being obsssed wit Layne Staley. rock in peace!