random_goth (random_goth) wrote in laynestaley,

So How Do We Feel About Alice In Chains Without Layne?

I could be wrong but I don't think anybody on this community has posted anything about this - http://www.aliceinchains.net/tour/default.aspx

So what's the reaction Layne fans? Personally I'm quite happy for Jerry, Sean and Mike to tour and play Alice songs, but I'd rather that they follow the lead of Audioslave and Velvet Revolver where a similar situation has happened (band stays the same apart from the singer) and perform under a new name. I saw Comes With The Fall a few years back when they supported Jerry Cantrell live, and their singer (who'll be handling vocal duties on the European dates) has a voice that's not too dissimilar to Layne, but it still won't be the same.
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i kno wot u mean, its nice to see alice doin sumthin but then again its not really alice in chains without layne...

and if they hav to record anythin id rather it was under a different name, layne was such a big part of alice that i dont think itll be the same without him at all
I completely, totally, and wholly agree with you. Definitely.

To me, AIC isn't AIC without Layne. It never will be. So, I think Jerry, Mike, and Sean should take the high road and rename the band, because no one can pull of those songs like Layne did - no one can fill his shoes. Plus, I'd be more inclined to see them as a band if they were respectful enough to change the name. (I saw Jerry solo about 4 months after Layne died, and I was okay with that b/c he was alone, and not with the other guys proclaiming to be AIC minus a very important member).
alice in chains will never be the same but THEY need to play shows and do shit. they havent toured since 95 and now there back