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Shapes and colors shift with mood

So, I had this thought while I was feeling kinda blue. I first came across "Rain Song" by Cold ("No, not the Led Zeppelin song," says Scooter) in my iPod and it is definitely a melancholy song for me. Then I stumbled onto Youtube and picked out "Nutshell" from the Unplugged show. I have it on DVD, I just don't have a way to watch it at the moment. "Nutshell" has always been one of those songs that has some strange power to depress and uplift me at the same time.

Anyway, I realized I haven't had any AiC userpictures in a very, very long time and went about doing a search, and came across this community. I did pick some userpictures out, and I will add the credit to whoever made them, I just wasn't logged in while I searched so I couldn't comment right away. But, I went back and saw some pretty tribute graphics and I thought what better way to show my entry into the community than to put the three tribute banners I made as soon as it happened?

You're welcome to hotlink, should you be interested. I can't imagine I'd move them from where they are and there's no bandwidth issues.

Keep in mind, these are old for even me, but I've never been completely amazing with animations and I can't afford paying for a wonderful program.

Text reads: "In memory of a voice that will never be forgotten and of a man who will always be missed."
(I know the text gets lost, I'm considering making the banner over again)

Also, if I may ask - If anyone has any pieces of AiC videos made into userpictures, it'd be swell if I could be pointed in that direction. I love the video for "Heaven Beside You" because Layne and Jerry drenched in that shade looks remarkable.
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