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Yep yep, new to the community. I'm Bri.

Well, the way I grew up meant I didn't even know about AIC until a year ago. My musical history went from 60s to 90s pop, over to rock in general and just now it's falling on the big four. And of course the band I love the most - Layne's gone. But thinking back to where I was, when he was, it makes me feel that despite being physically alone, I wasn't really alone in that state of mind. You know what I mean.

"I could go anywhere in the world - if only I knew where to go" is probably what stuck with me most out of anything he said, lyrics or interviews. That's where I'm at right now.

Anyway I will be posting some Layne icons soon, so stay tuned!

1. Isn't the tribute in 2 days? Anyone here going?
2. I heard they give out calendars at the tributes and that those calendars have exclusive photos & diary entries...? How can I possibly see them having recently gotten into AIC? I'm a huge fan but does being so late means I'm losing out? Maybe the calendars are on eBay...
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oh, someone's posting in here. cool :)

1. it's the 23rd and i'm going.. i hope.
2. check the layne staley fund website. i wish i knew that one, because i want one also, but i'm too short on cash right now.
My names Bri too!
well not really but its brian
so close enough